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Safety Information
Visit our resources page for links to reenacting groups,  historic background about the classic firearms  in our collection of replicas, and the people, places and events that made them historic.
Pre-20th Century Replicas
Non-Firing Replicas of Flintlock Pistols, Flintlock Rifles & Muskets
Non-Firing Replicas of Civil War Pistols and Civil War Rifles
Non-Firing Replicas of  Old West Revolvers and Old West Rifles
Blank-Firing Old West Pistols and Rifles *
World War I and II Non-Firing Replicas
World War I and II Blank Firing Pistols  *
1849 Dragoon
1894 Blank-Firing Lever-Action Rifle
WWII German Semi-Automatic
Luger P08
20th Century Non-Firing Replicas
Modern  Firearm Non-Firing Replicas
AK-47 Russian Assault Rifle
More Info
Blank-Firing Modern Pistols *
Magnum-style revolver.  Also available in black finish.
007's Pistol -- PPK Auto Blank-Firing
* Our blank-firing weapons come with basic eye and hearing protection. You must be 18 years old to purchase them and 21 to sign for the package upon delivery. Please refer to safety guidelines prior to use.
Denix - Maker of the World's Finest Non-Firing Replica Guns
Our non-firing replica firearms are made by Denix -- makers of the finest non-firing replica firearms in the world. Real wood and metal - real working mechanical parts.
Viper 4-1/2 inch Barrel, 9mm Blank
1894 Lever Action Blank-Firing Rifle
Double-Barrel Coach Gun!
1873 Blank-Firing 9mm Pistol
M1911 Colt .45 Blank Firing Pistol
Colt M1911
Blank Fire

9mm Blank Fire Replica of 1873 Single Action Army .45 in nickel with black grip
1873 Replica in 9mm Blank Fire
Enfield SMLE Non-firing Replica Rifle with working bolt action firing mechanism
Enfield SMLE Rifle Replica
Enfield SMLE
Luger P08 Parabellum replica with the clip out and the firing arm in the up position.
German P08

AK-47 non-firing replica of Tactical Assault Rifle with wooden stock, banana ammo clip
'Brown Bess' American Revolutionary War Musket
1849 Dragoon
1894 Lever Action Blank Fire
Outside the USA ?
Yes, we do ship internationally, but not all replicas can be shipped to all countries.  See our FAQs  and Shipping/Return pages for more details.
Schmeisser MP40 German Submachine Gun, shown with leather sling
MP40 Schmeisser
P38 Blank-firing WWII Pistol Replica
James Bond WWII Automatic Blank-firing PPK Pistol, fires 8mm blanks
Featured in the James Bond movies!
German MP40 Schmeisser Replica
German P38
Blank Fire
Authentic Replica Gun Classics - Non-Firing and  Blank-Firing
Webley MK IV
Webley Mk IV
Makarav PM Semi-Automatic, Russian cold-war military sidearm
Soviet Cold War Sidearm!
Russian Makarov PM
Indiana Jones' pistol!
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Blank-Firing Replicas
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Brown Bess Colonial Musket Replica
Brown Bess with Bayonet

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German MP41 SMG Replica
German MP41, identical to the MP40 Schmeisser except it has a wood stock instead of metal.
German Fusil StG 44 Replica
STG 44 WWII German assault rifle, wood stock
STG 44
Mac-11 US machine pistol replica
Mac-11 Machine Pistol
USA, circa 1972
Desert Eagle
Bat Masterson SAA Revolver
Closeup view of 1855 revolving cylinder percussion rifle
1855 Revolving Percussion Rifle
1855 Revolving Cylinder Percussion rifle, gun metal grey with wood stock
Model 1911 .45 cal. U.S. Military Automatic Pistol, fires 8mm blanks
Viper 9mm Magnum-style revolver, 4.5-inch barrel, black checkered grip
1941 M1A1 Paratrooper Carbine, folding stock and canvas sling
Desert Eagle replica pistol, nickel with black grip
Nickel or Black finish
Back by popular demand!
General Custer 1851 Navy revolver, polished nickel and gold engraved
Back by popular demand!
General Custer
1851 Navy Revolver
Coach Gun
4-3/4 inch Barrel
John Wayne
Licensed John Wayne collectibles!  Several have his signature engraved.
John Wayne six shoter in rustic frame
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Kentucky long rifle, replica of the rifle used by Davy Crockett at The Alamo.
The Alamo
Long Rifle
Authentic replica of the rifle Davy Crockett used at the Battle of The Alamo.

NEW! Cap-Firing Replica Pistols!
These quality cap-firing replicas use standard "pull-off" ring or strip caps--inexpensive, and easier to obtain than blank ammo--that provide the 'bang' that adds realism to theatrical and reenactor events.  But these are not toys -- they are historically authentic, quality wood and metal replicas with working parts.
SAA cap-fire 6-shooter, black with wood grips
John Wayne cap-fire 6-shooter, grey, simulated ivory grip
Old West Cap "Six-Shooters"
John Wilkes Booth cap-fring derringer replica
John Wilkes Boothe
Cap Derringer
Italian Percussion Cap-fire Dueling Pistol replica
Cap-fire Dueling Pistol
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Coach Gun closeup detail

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NEW! Luger P08
Naval and
Artillery Models!
Luger P08 Naval Pistol, with checkered wood grips
Luger P08 Lange, black with checkered wood grips
German K98 rifle with sling
K98 German
WWI Rifle
1944 M1A1 also available
1941 M1A1
Paratrooper Carbine
Rooster Cogburn boxed set
NEW! John Wayne
"Rooster Cogburn"
Commemorative Boxed Set
John Wayne holstered six-shooter framed set
John Wayne Stagecoach Coach Gun framed set
John Wayne 1892 Winchester framed set