Civil War Pistols -- Non-firing Replicas
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Griswold and Gunnison Confederate Revolver, Pewter finish, wood grips.
1851 Navy Engraved Revolver, Grey and Brass, Wood Grips.
Safety Information
1851 Navy Engraved Revolver,nickel, mock Ivory  textured grips.

Griswold & Gunnison Confederate Revolver Replica
LeMat Confederate Pistol Replica, .grey, black textured grips.

LeMat Confederate Pistol
As seen in "Cold Mountain"
Reproduced from  an extremely rare and hard-to-find Confederate original!
This pocket pistol was the best seller of all time for its famous maker!
1849 Navy Pocket Pistol, nickel with black barrel, wood grips.
1862 Navy Pocket Pistol, grey  finish, wood grips.
Blue Kepi Cap in sizes M-L-XL
Gray Kepi Cap in sizes M-L-XL
Confederate Officer Kepi Cap, gold braid on gray cap
Union officer kepi cap, dark blue braid trim on dark blue cap
1860 Army Revolver, antique gray finish, wood grip
CSA Hat Pin replica, silver-tone CSA inside a gold-tone wreath
Rebel Flag Hat Pin, color enamel Rebel flag inside gold-tone laurel wreath
Union Hat Pin replica, silver-tone USA inside a gold-tone laurel wreath
1860 Army Revolver Replicas
Gray/Wood Grips

1849 Dragoon .44 Caliber
1849 Dragoon .44 cal. Pistol Replica
1849 Navy Pocket Pistols
Gray, Wood Grips,
Nickel & Black, Wood Grips, #22-1259N
Cogswell 'Pepperbox' Percussion Revolver
1851 Navy Engraved Replica Pistols
22-1040B - Nickel & Gold Finish
Faux Ivory Grips
#22-1040L - Nickel & Brass/
Wood Grips -- Civil War Pistol Replicas
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Civil War Hats
Hat Pins
Cogswell British Pepperbox Revolver, brass with black barrel, wood grips.
Cogswell British Pepperbox Revolver, grey finish
#22-1071 Pewter,
Wood grips
Brass, Wood grips
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Gray, Black Grips #22-1070G 
Gray, Wood grips
 Lincoln assassination derringer cap-firing replica.
John Wilkes Boothe Derringer
Cap Pistol
This cap-firing replica of the Lincoln assassination derringer is great for historic reenactors and living history performers.
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+1 demo: Basic page
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1860 Army revolver, brass and black, wood grips.
1860 Army revolver, grey finish, wood grips.
#22-1007L Brass & Black/Wood grips
Grey/Wood grips
1860 Griswold & Gunnison revolver, brass and black, wood grips.
Black & Brass/
Wood grips, #22-1083L
Civil War englisted belt in black leather.
Civil War Union enlisted belt buckle.
Civil War Confederate enlisted belt buckle.
Civil War Holsters & Belts
Civil War reproduction  holster in black leather.
Griswold & Gunnison Confederate revolver, grey, wood grips.
Griswold & Gunnison Confederate Revolver, blued with mock ivory grips.
NEW! Blued with
mock ivory grips,