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Flintlock Pistol Non-Firing Replicas
Flintlock pistols were so called because the lock uses a flint to strike sparks into the priming pan when the trigger is pulled. A small amount of gunpowder in this pan is ignited, which in turn ignites the main gunpowder charge in the barrel and fires the lead ball. Both the main charge and the ball were loaded from the front, or muzzle, of the barrel, after which the priming charge was poured into the pan--all very time consuming! Often the priming charge would burn, but fail to ignite the main charge--which is where we get the expression,  "a flash in the pan".

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1800 French Cavalry Flintlock Pistol Replica
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George Washington flintlock pistol replica.
George Washington's
1748 Hawkins Flintlock Pistol Replica
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18th Century French Pirate Flintlock Pistol
Flintlock Pistol Non-Firing Replicas

1800 French Pirate Flintlock Pistol
Lewis & Clark Flintlock Pistol Replica
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Engraved double barrel flintlock with rotating barrels
Engraved Double Barrel Flintlock
Rotating Barrels!
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Kentucky pkstol, brass finish
Kentucky Flintlock Pistol Replica
Napoleon's Personal Traveling Flintlock Pistol Replica
Napoleon's  Personal Traveling Flintlock Replica
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Italian triple-barrel flintlock antiqued silver, faux ivory grips.

Replica Mans Pocket Pistol by Bunney of London, circa 1770
Ladies Purse or Muff Pistol, mock ivory grip, antiqued gold finish
See Flintlock Dueling  Pistols

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1760 Lexington Flintlock replica pistol
Revolutionary War
Flintlock Pistol Replica
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1680 Italian Triple Barrel Flintlock Replica
Man's Pocket Pistol Replica
Ladies Purse or Muff Pistol Replica
1795 KB pocket pistol, brass, faux ivory grips.
Brass/Simulated Ivory
1795 London Kumbley & Brum Pocket Pistol Replica
British Blunderbuss flintlock replica pistol, brass with wood grips.
British blunderbuss flintlock replica, silver with wood grips.
#22-1219G Grey
#22-1219L Brass
British Blunderbuss Flintlock Pistol Replica
Napolean double-barrol flintlock replica pistol, brass and wood.
Napoleon's 1806 Double Barrel Flintlock Replica
Triple-barrel flintlock pistol, ornate birds head stock.grey finish.
Triple barrel flintlock, ornate bird head stock, brass and ivory.
Triple-Barrel Flintlock Pistol
Russian Flintlock Pistol, mock  ivory eagle-head grip.
18th Century Russian Flintlock Replica
Early 1700s German Blunderbuss, brass finish.
Early 1700s German Blunderbuss Replica
1700s Pirate Flintlock Pistol, brass barrel, real wood stock.
1700s Pirate Flintlock Pistol, grey barrel, real wood stock.
1700s Pirate Flintlock Pistol
Italian triple-barrel flintlock, brass finish, faux ivory grips.
#22-1016L Brass Finish
#22-1016G Silver Finish
Pirate flintlock with pirate face butt plate, brass finish
Pirate flintlock with pirate face butt plate, grey finish
1800 Pirate Blunderbuss Pistol
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